Walker Hook, Salt Spring Island

Walker Hook (or Walker’s Hook as it’s sometimes called) is located on the north end of Salt Spring Island and was named after schooner captain Edward Walker. The area surrounding Walker Hook has been used for fish farming in recent years and is also one of the largest archaeological sites in the Gulf Islands. This beautiful spit is well worth a visit to enjoy the sandy beach.

Aerial photograph of Walker Hook with Wallace Island in the background, Salt Spring Island, BC
Walker Hook, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
A boat at Walker Hook, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

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  • The sandy beach area is public, but the land beyond and the trails in are private property, essentially meaning Walker’s Hook is accesible only by boat unless you are a trespasser. If you have access to a boat, 10/10 would recommend. The sunset is incredible.

  • We have been told by locals that the access is private property and Walkers Hook can only be accessed by boat.
    However, on Maps Me there is a trail shown.

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