Pender Island’s Fall Fair

Vegetables at the Pender Islands Fall Fair. Presented by the Pender Island Farmer’s Institute the Fall Fair is held each August. North Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

Made-up of in excess of a dozen large islands, the Gulf Islands are interspersed with a multitude of islets too numerous to count. Resting southwest of the Strait of Georgia, along the coast of Vancouver Island between Nanaimo to the north and Victoria to the south, this necklace of gorgeous islands is surrounded by sheltered waters, powerful tides, and spectacular coastlines.

This distinctive west coast paradise of Canada is a small taste of the Mediterranean, blended with a unique Canadian flavour. The Southern Gulf Islands enjoy fewer than 30 inches of precipitation annually, making it an ideal climate for gardening and so the Fall Fair is where local gardeners and farmers alike compete to win prizes in a variety of categories.

Mayne Island as well as the other Southern Gulf Islands are a terrific tourism destination for the whole family.

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