Free wheeling around the Gulf Islands is among the most popular tourist activities. 

Many tourists enjoy exploring the Gulf Islands by bike, with their undulating roads, with hills to climb and then coast down, the Gulf Islands offer beautiful, scenic rides, which are both varied and interesting.  

Cyclists can choose direct routes to popular destinations, or wander along a paved but sleepy side road to explore a different, less known part of each island, and to escape all but the local traffic. Some bike routes are short, but some offer full day and extended rides.

The islands are popular with cyclist and cycle groups for other reasons, too. On many of the islands it¹s possible to plan a circular route, thus eliminating the need to retrace your wheels. The Gulf Islands are also well known for their parks, beach accesses, shops and restaurants featuring local and delicious fare, as well as their recreational opportunities. Cool off after that long hot hill by swimming in a local lake, or relax on a bench in a scenic area and watch the birds and wildlife. Maybe grab a coffe and homemade muffin and chat with the locals, browse the many shops, or wheel down and visit some of the marinas and take a look at the visiting boats.

Quiet country roads, variety, friendly folk and local customs, beaches and seascapes and lots of attractions to stop you dead are all some of the reasons visitors like to pedal our way. 

Although roads on the islands are often narrow, local motorists have learned to share paradise with visitors, and can usually be counted on to be courteous, friendly and cautious of riders. That said, always be careful and wear a helmet, reflectors and safety gear.

There are many good guides to cycling in the Gulf Islands and we recommend this one.

Mayne Island is a great place for cycling, the entire island can be toured around in just a day. Your circuit around the island can take you to Miners Bay, Georgina Point Lighthouse, Campbell Bay, Horton Bay and back to the dock at Village Bay. Look for the tourist information booth to grab a road map of the island, and make sure you fill up your water bottle before heading out. 

Galiano Island is geographically speaking long and not very wide, only 6KM across at its widest point. Cycling around Galiano from the Tsawassen ferry and back is around a 55KM round trip, and the roads are well defined and sensible, making it a lovely way to see the island.

Gabriola Island is large and makes for a long ride, as the island is 20KM long, but is fairly laid back with less traffic than the more populated islands, and the north and south roads loop around, meeting at Silva Bay, making the trip straightforward for cyclists, and easy to stop at however many of the lovely beaches you wish.

Cycling in the Gulf Islands, British Columbia