Quadra Island Parks

This large island has something for everyone, from developed parks for camping and RV’s to unserviced wilderness parks perfect for hikers who want to spend time in the bush. The parks and recreational areas have been preserved through the Provincial Government, joint Federal and Provincial initiative, and through regional and community parks. Here’s a sampling of what awaits you:

Provincial Parks:

Main Lake Chain Provincial Park – Located on the east-central area of the island, is home to more than 72 bird species alone. It’s also one of the few Gulf Islands that still harbours the cougar and wolf! Recreational activities include wilderness hiking, and exploring limestone sinkholes, and waterfalls. This small chain of interior lakes is also perfect for canoeing, with sandy beaches en route and few to enjoy them.

Rebecca Spit Provincial Marine Park – on the east side of the island at Drew Harbour and 9 kilometers from the ferry landing, this park is expansive and worth lingering in. Lots of picnic sites, sandy beach, and headland walks here. This is also a popular spot for fishermen as the nearby campsite and fishing resort will attest to. A public boat ramp found here is always in use.