Pender Island Parks

Mt. Norman, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada, South Pender Island, British Columbia

Public land on the Pender Islands is plentiful and varied. The parks and recreational areas have been preserved through the Provincial Government, joint Federal and Provincial initiatives, and through regional and community parks. Here’s a sampling of what awaits you:

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada:

Roesland and the nearby Malahat Properties encompass 230 hectares of mountain, forest, Roe Lake, and prime beach access. Recently acquired, this is the largest park on North Pender Island. Roesland has beautiful trails, lake and ocean access, a toilet, and picnic tables.

Old cottages at Roesland, Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada, North Pender Island, British Columbia

Beaumont Park – is accessible by boat or on foot from the Mt. Norman parking lot., a 20 minute hike. It offers camping, picnicking, swimming, water, toilets.

Mt. Norman Park was the first Gulf Island Regional Park and is now part of the Gulf Islands National Park. It’s a 2 kilometer hiking trail to the summit and back, with beautiful views. You’ll find a parking lot, toilet, bike stand, viewing platform. Many other shorter hiking trails are found throughout the islands. Recently 11 campsites have been installed in this area of the park.

Prior Centennial Park – Prior Centennial Park has the largest campground on Pender Island and forest walks. (Heart Trail)


Magic Lake – picnicking, birdwatching and Danny Martin baseball park.

Disc Park – an 18 pole, 4 hectare public frisbee golf course.

Playgrounds beside the tennis court on Schooner Rd., at Shingle Bay and at Thieves Bay.

Mortimer Spit. Off Canal Road between North and South Pender, this is a popular spot for dog walking, beach picnics, boat launching.

Ecological reserves:

Medicine Beach on North Pender protects a rare wetland and ancient settlement.

Brooks Point on South Pender is good for wildlife and ocean viewing.