Parks on Thetis Island

Pilkey Point, Thetis Island
Pilkey Point, Thetis Island

There are no provincial parks or official community parks on Thetis Island, but this doesn’t mean there are no areas for travellers to explore.

Try these excursions for exploring tiny Thetis Island:

Capernwray and St Margaret’s Cemetery – a pleasant stroll back into history is only a few minutes away after you arrive on the tiny Chemainus ferry. Park nearby and take the walk sign posted off the road by the imposing Tudor like structure that dominates Preedy Harbour, now a Bible camp. Walk along the beach here, and after a few moments you¹ll enter the peaceful glade that¹s a final home to many a pioneer and adventurer. Surrounded on three sides by woodland, and facing the ocean, this sylvan spot is anything but depressing.

Wildflowers run riot among the graves, robins and thrushes busy themselves in song, and well tended graves and markers tell stories worth listening to. In fact, a few minutes can easily turn into an hour or two spent in contemplation at this spot. Here, for example, rests Henry Burchell, the young Englishman who built the original Tudor style mansion that is now Capernwray, and Kenneth Maclure,a renowned post-war Arctic navigator.

Thetis Island was also the home of the famous adventurer and philanthrophist, Daniel Culver, who died on K2 but whose generous endowment made it possible for places like Jedediah Island to be purchased. His memory lives on in the nature he loved and helped to protect for generations to enjoy.

Pilkey Point Road
Small rocky beaches bristling with rocky mountain juniper trees, quiet roads, and fantastic views are awaiting the tourist who ventures a little further on Thetis. The east shore off Lawrence Road leads to an interesting beach with a rocky shelf and panoramic views, Sunrise Pont Road also culminates in expansive views and beach access to a pocket sized gravel beach where kayaks or canoes can be launched.

Cufra Canal at the end of north cove road, is a silty beach which can be explored at low tide. Patient bird watchers have been known to be delighted and rewarded at this spot.

The cut, the narrow canal between Thetis and Kuper Islands, can be great entertainment for paddling children especially. Depending on the tides, there is much to explore here. Access to the channel is possible on a side road that ends near the Telegraph Harbour Marina. A note of caution, however; small craft frequently speed up and down this channel.