Mayne Island Parks

Georgina Point Lighthouse, Gulf Islands National Park, Mayne Island, British Columbia

In the last few years some welcome additions to parks have been added to Mayne Island’s charms, increasing the variety of activities and types of recreational land now available to the public. Visitors can choose from strenuous hikes to beachcombing, from watching the passing traffic in Active Pass to swimming in popular small bays or exploring headlands.

Kayaking near Georgeson Island, Gulf Islands National Park, Mayne Island, British Columbia

Bennett Bay’s long, sandy beach is a welcome addition and great for swimming and relaxing. Campbell Point and Campbell Bay, the deepest bay on Mayne, give visitors opportunities for long walks to the point and along the beach, as well as swimming opportunities.

CRD and Community Parks:

At 40 hectares, Mount Park Regional Park is the largest park on Mayne. It’s also the highest, offering a variety of steep trails which reward the sweaty hiker with beautiful views of the Penders and Navy Channel. A bike stand and toilet are found at the trailhead and parking lot.

Dinner Bay Community Park has a fenced playground, badminton net, playing field, toilets, water, picnic shelters, and beach. A newly developed putting green has been added but is for members only.


As there are so many beaches, shore trails, and beach accesses, we will list only a few of the more accessible ones here:

Oyster Bay‘s small beach has interesting driftwood and rock formations.

Piggot Bay and Dinner Cove are good for swimming and small boat launching.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada:

Georgina Point Lighthouse, now part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada, is open daily to the public. This historic lighthouse, now de-staffed, and the headland it perches on, have always been popular spots for picnics, watching the boating traffic churning through Active Pass, and exploring the headland.

Both Bennett Bay and Campbell Point are now part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada and are well worth the visit.