Lasqueti Island Parks

This undeveloped and rural island has only one park, but it’s a beauty if you can get to it. As the ferry to Lasqueti takes passengers only, visitors to the island need to be fit enough to hike or cycle the largely flat 18 km. to Squitty Bay. Cars are not that frequent on the dirt roads, so hitchhiking may take some time!

Provincial Parks:

Squitty Bay Marine Park – The B.C. Nature Conservancy purchased the first 5.6 hectares of this special ecological reserve, followed by the acquisition of the adjoining 6.5 hectares by the Provincial Government, to make up the marine park. Why an ecological reserve? The prickly pear cacti loves the sunshine and sandy soil of this area and can be seen, and felt, underfoot. It’s unusual to see this cacti so far north.

Walk out to the rock cairn on the headland to enjoy the views and the flora but tread gently for your sake and watch out for the cacti!

Fresh water is available in this park as are picnic tables, but there are no overnight camping facilities on Lasqueti.

This quiet park overlooks two coves where the water is clear and warm in summer months. Feral sheep graze nearby and the remains of an old orchard can also be seen, a familiar sight on many of the Gulf Islands.