Salt Spring Island

Mt. Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Salt Spring Island is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands and the one with the most varied facilities.

The hub of Salt Spring Island is the bustling village of Ganges with supermarkets, stores, galleries, banks, and a wide selection of restaurants and pubs with evening entertainment.  If you want night life, this is the closest the Gulf Islands get.  Ganges is also famous for its gigantic Saturday farmers’ market, The Salt Spring Island Farmer’s Market – a cornucopia of food, fabric, arts and music spilling across the downtown park.

Salt Spring Island is not all bustle though! There are a multitude of quiet country byways, particularly at the north end. One can drive to the top of Mount Maxwell for the spectacular views overlooking the Fulford Valley, or spend time strolling the homestead and beaches at Ruckle Park which has a spectacular public campground. For outdoor recreation, Salt Spring Island offers golf, sailing, tennis, swimming, kayaking and more. There is even a movie theatre, though it has the inevitable Gulf Island twist – arrive early or you don’t get the comfortable seats!

Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Accommodation is varied and plentiful as long as you book ahead during peak seasons.  Everything is available from top of the line inns and resorts to bed & breakfasts and camping.

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