Galiano Island

Beach at Montague Harbour, Galiano Island, British Columbia

The second largest of the Southern Gulf Islands at 57 sq km and the closest to the Lower Mainland, Galiano has long been a favourite of its residents. It has excellent facilities, mainly clustered at the south end near the Sturdies Bay ferry terminal. Those who seek more peace and quiet can head up the long narrow northern section, where parks and trails are less busy.

Painted Flowers, Galiano Island, British Columbia

A short drive (or a stiff bicycle trip) takes one from Sturdies Bay to sheltered Montague Harbour, the island’s popular marine park. Side roads lead to the golf course, Bellhouse Park, and Bluffs Park with its spectacular overlook of Active Pass and busy ferry and marine traffic.

Those who wish to make an extended stay (or miss the ferry) will find a variety of accommodation including camping in Montague Harbour Provincial Park, a variety of bed & breakfasts, cottages and some resorts.

Activities include hiking, kayaking, diving and golf in addition to visits to the private and public galleries and shops.