Craft and Vision – Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett

Darwin Wiggett - Winter in the Canadian Rockies
Darwin Wiggett - Winter in the Canadian Rockies

Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett

True, it’s not the Gulf Islands but a review of Darwin Wiggett’s new ebook  has a purpose. Firstly, most of our visitors and locals love photography and this series is an amazing deal for anyone wanting to learn both photography technique and the thought process behind professional photography. Secondly, many of you are from Alberta and we all know how beautiful the Canadian Rockies can be, especially during the winter.

Darwin Wiggett has been a professional photographer that I have had my vision on for a long time. I’m not sure exactly why this is exactly but it likely gets down to “I can relate to what he does”. I spent 8 years living in Calgary with excursions to the Canadian Rockies or Montana many week-ends, almost a religious experience. This is the power these wonderful mountains can hold over an individual whether you are purely a tourist or a photographer. Being a professional photographer, I have also explored these regions and been entirely amazed by the absolute beauty and feeling of the Canadian Rockies. Darwin Wiggett takes it one stage further and shows us the beauty of this area in the winter season, perhaps in some ways the most wonderful season but at the same time for a photographer the most difficult.

Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett is now available through the award-winning Craft & Vision website. Click here to view inspiring page samples!

I’ve continually been fascinated in taking a look at other professional photographers work, to some extent for a personal learning experience but additionally from a more “business” sense”. I should mention here that I completely believe in the concept that you are never good enough that you have nothing to learn. I’ll leave that to the arrogant photographers residing in big cities.

What does Darwin Wiggett deliver to us in this ebook? First of all, he talks about the planning behind doing serious photography during the winter. I realize that everyone possesses an “amazing” photo they shot but let’s get realistic; doing photography in winter conditions is both hard on the camera equipment as well as our aging bodies.

Darwin’s photos are an example of a professional photographer that feels entirely relaxed with their surroundings. Believe me, this can be one of the most important factors! He’s a master with the grand landscape but additionally works well with the intimate landscape as well, all this in the harsh conditions that cold weather can bring.

Craft and Vision has published Darwin Wiggett’s ebook as part of a fascinating series, The Print and the Process, all available for $5 making these books one of the best photography technique and experience resources available.

Canadian Rockies during Winter - Darwin Wiggett
Canadian Rockies during Winter - Darwin Wiggett

Here’s Craft and Visions introduction:

Darwin Wiggett captures the spirit of Canada’s most striking mountain range in this monograph of breath-taking landscapes. Photographers of all levels, and geographic persuasion, will find inspiration and insight in this beautiful body of work, and the accompanying discussions that spans nearly 3 decades.

Darwin discusses in detail the joys and difficulties of working in the cold to capture the abstract and artistic beauty of this magical place. What could be better during these winter months than a great photographer and teacher like Darwin sharing his warm fondness for the coolness of winter?

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